Digital Marketing and Analytics


Eligibility: Any sales and marketing professional

Duration: 65 Hrs


Course Summary

Digital marketing is one of the emerging trends. Here people can sell their product or services in a digital platform. Selling goods is not an easy task so organization need to prepare a proper strategy for the same. Here we design this course to develop sales and market professionals to achieve the organization growth in a digital platform.

Course Content:

·         Definition and growth/Benefit of Digital marketing.

·         Traditional Marketing VS Digital marketing.

·         Marketing crisis.

·         Product/Service positioning.

·         4P’s of marketing and digital marketing.

·         Long tail effect and creating the value.

·         Consumer behaviour in digital platform.

·         Availability of information and easy decision making.

·         Peer influence.

·         Customer networking and use in digital marketing.

·         Customer perception and segmentation.

·         Digital marketing funnel strategy.

·         Engaging customer at digital platform.

·         Strategies for ad campaign (paid and unpaid),

·         Email Display and Social marketing advertisement.

·         Strategies for successful campaign.

·         Evolution metrics.

·         Google analytics.

·         Data analysis tools to substantiate the report.

·          ROI analysis.

·         Digital marketing strategy and analysis.

·         Defining Target audience.

·         Competitor analysis.

·         Post campaign analysis.

·         Emerging technology for digital marketing.

Intec and advantage from the course :

·         Increase ROI, customer lifetime value and firm profitability aligned with business goals.

·         Plan and implement search engine and social media campaigns in simulated environments.

·         Leverage insights from the digital marketing funnel to reach customers and enhance engagement.

·         Maximise reach, engagement and conversions with optimised paid campaigns.

·         Measure, analyse and optimise campaigns using in-demand metrics and best practices.

·         Build frameworks for the successful planning and execution of campaign strategies.