Private Banking and Wealth Management


Eligibility: Any banking Professional/MBA/CFA/BAF/BAM/BBF

Duration: 65 Hrs


Course Summary

The core function of banking is “withdrawal” and “Deposit” but as the day passes banking has overshadow its core activity now a days bank has move into forex management, cross functional selling, real estate financing, micro financing, plastic money ect. Like the afro mentioned functions there is another wing recently developed and the private and public banks that is private banking and wealth management. In this segment bankers are managing the wealth of high net worth individual and invest their fund in such a way so that they can earn a healthy return but managing HNI customer is requiring a lot of special skills and special knowledge. This field of banking has increased the job opportunity but people need to qualified and knowledgeable enough to acquire this opportunity. We have designed this course to prepare individual as private banker and wealth manager.     

Course Content:

·         Financial Accounting for Investments

·         Corporate Finance

·         Stock Valuation

·         Corporate Valuation

·         Macroeconomics for Financial Forecasting.

·         Statistics and Financial Data Analysis.

·         Bond Valuation.

·         Investment Banking.

·         Ethics in the Financial Industry

·         Foreign Exchange Investing

·         Risk Management

·         Derivative Products and Strategies

·         Portfolio Theory and Management

·         Wealth Management

·         Client Relationship Management

·         Selling Financial Products

·         Trading and Financial Market Trends

·         Asset Allocation for Practitioners

·         Financial Innovation – Net Zero Portfolio Management

·         Financial Programming in VBA

·         Real Estate Investing.

·         Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance

Intec and advantage from the course :

·         Understand micro and macro business environment.

·         Understand the entire valuation process.

·         Understand the basics of corporate finance and market finance.

·         Understand the nitty-gritty of financial industry.

·         Understand the ethics and rules and regulations of financial industry.

·         Details understanding of financial risk management.

·         Details understanding of financial product and market.

·         Portfolio management and derivatives.

·         Wealth management and investment opportunity.

·         An overall knowledge of finance and investment industry which help as private banker and wealth Manager.