Strategic Investment Management


Eligibility: Any Finance professional/Investment professional

Duration: 65 Hrs


Course Summary

Strategic Investment Management is one of the most important factors that determines the long-term performance of any investment. With a rapidly changing investment environment, highly volatile markets, pandemic situation (SARS and COVID-19), technological revolution and frequent financial crises, it is vital to understand the emerging drivers of Securities, REIT (residential, commercial, and industrial), new projects, new companies, other assets and more recently the concept of sustainable investments. Selecting the winning investment management strategy is crucial to maintain a resilient portfolio in the current volatile market. We have designed this course in Strategic Investment Management to provide a unique opportunity to current/potential investors and financial analysts to understand the contemporary investment strategies. This training course reveals the strategies that consistently beat the market including momentum trading and contrarian investments. Furthermore, delegates will learn about active and passive management techniques, how to use derivatives to protect their portfolios, how to develop their key performance indicators, fundamental indexation, how to identify high growth sectors, and market sentiment. This training course is pitch to both individual and institutional investors.

Course Content:

• Investment Opportunities
• Required Rate of Return
• Sustainable Investment Strategies
• Risk and Return
• Portfolio Theory
• Capital Market Theory
• Asset Pricing Models
• Efficient Market Hypothesis
• Market Anomalies
• Environmental Finance
• Behavioural Finance
• Equity Valuation Models
• Extreme Portfolio Selection (Momentum and Contrarian Trading)
• Financial Crises and Pandemics (SARS and COVID-19)
• Noise Trading
• Bond Pricing
• Interest Rate Risk Management
• Derivative Instruments
• Forward, Futures and Options
• Fixed Income Portfolio Management
• Passive Bond Portfolio Strategies
• Matched-Funding Techniques
• Active Bond Management Strategies
• Buy Write Strategy
• Passive Equity Portfolio Management Strategies
• Active Equity Portfolio Management Strategies
• Top-Down Investment Process
• Strategic Asset Allocation
• Tactical Asset Allocation
• Style Investing
• Value versus Growth
• Hedging Portfolios
•I slamic and Conventional Fund Management
• Brexit
• Multilateral Trading Systems
• Financial Consequences of Terrorism
• Natural Disasters and Financial Markets
• Energy Markets
• Personal Finance
• Gain a practical understanding of equity and fixed-income portfolio management.
• Investigate cutting-edge portfolio theory in a fully practical context.
• Understand both passive and active investment vehicles, explore behavioural finance and look at the different factors in performance evaluation.
• Explore alternative asset classes, macroeconomic trends, and current and future asset management trends.
• Case Study

Intec and advantage from the course :

• Make better decisions. Gain a deep understanding of the investment process and explore the latest techniques with real-world case studies.
• Make better decisions. Gain a deep understanding of the investment process and explore the latest techniques with real-world case studies.
• Optimise your portfolio and achieve maximum returns. Explore alternative asset classes, such as real estate and commodities.
• Build an in-depth knowledge of fixed income and derivative instruments.
• Ensure effective performance evaluation using appropriate measurements and benchmarking.
• How to select individual investment instruments, evaluate strategy and measure performance.
• Explore and evaluate your company’s strategic investment management strategy and portfolio performance.
• Enhance returns, manage and reduce risks. Gain practical and effective investment tools and theory that are immediately applicable in your organisation.
• Accelerate the development of high potential employees with strong senior management potential.
• Communicate the unique value and positioning of your organisation to your employees.