Certification in Technical Research


Eligibility: Any Finance professional/Investment professional

Duration: 50 Hrs


Course Summary

Learn how to apply Technical Analysis as a standalone investment and trading methodology or as a addendum to fundamental analysis using tools that are based on price action and other technical principles. Technical analysis is important to understand the theory of investment and trading in markets. This Program is focussed on defining and applying momentum indicators to make buy and sell decisions. Instead of simply explaining and illustrating popular indicators like moving averages, RSI, MACD and stochastics, we review historical back tested results of each indicator so that you can objectively evaluate their performance. 

Course Content:

• Management
• Promoters Holding
• Volume
• Open Interest
• Beta
• Moving Average
• Why technical analysis is need
• Different types of charts using in technical analysis.
• Dow Theory and Concept of support and resistance
• Support and resistance in the practice market
• Trends in current stock market
• Understand how chart patterns reflect the principles of behavioural finance
• Practical usage of the Moving
• How to read the Candlestick patterns?
• Types of Indicators
• Use of Indicators in the application    
• Trading Psychology And Risk Management
• Momentum indicators
• Trend indicators
• Volatility Indicators
• Volume Indicators and many more
• Advanced discussion on Japanese Candlestick Patterns
• Pin bars
• Inside bars
• Fakey Patterns
• Double Top, Double Bottom
• Head and Shoulders Top Bottom
• Flags and Pennants Pattern
• Triangles, Cup and Handle
• Types of Supply and Demand patterns
• How to draw a supply / demand zone
• Identifying strong supply & demand zones
• Types of Supply and Demand patterns
• How to draw a supply / demand zone
• Identifying strong supply & demand zones
• Understanding Financial Modelling and Financial Statements
• Building a Financial Model
• Financial Statement Analysis
• Methods of Valuation
• Financial Modelling Case Study

Intec and advantage from the course :

• In this course, you’ll learn some advanced tools in technical analysis based trading . 
• This includes how to use Support and Resistance,
Trend lines, Channels, Fibonacci numbers, Swings, Candlestick and Chart patterns
• Technical tools -Trending tools, momentum tools, volatility and more. 
• You’ll also learn how to trade in trending market and range bound markets as part of successful strategies.
• From the research perspective, the incumbent would be trained in the areas of equity, economic and technical research along with financial modelling.
• From a trading perspective, exposure to live trading in equity, derivatives, currency and commodity markets would be provided.
• As an advisor the participant will be well skilled to understand various classes of financial assets and recommend the relevant asset class and strategies to the clients, as per their requirement.