Certification Stakeholder Management


Eligibility: Any Senior and mid-level professional

Duration: 60 Hrs


Course Summary

Examine how to effectively build and manage stakeholder relationships through planning and monitoring engagement. You will practice using tools designed to discover and manage stakeholder and team expectations. You will leave class with a Stakeholder Engagement Planner to record specific plans to apply to your projects.

Course Content:

 Definitions
 Project Stakeholders
 Impact of Forgotten Stakeholders
 The Stakeholder-Centric Approach
 The Project Management Process Groups
 Project Stakeholder Management
 Stakeholder Management and the Project Management Process Groups
 Stakeholder Management Considerations
 Exercise: Stakeholder Engagement Planner
 Manage and Monitor Stakeholder Engagement Overview
 Manage and Monitor Stakeholder Engagement: Inputs
 Manage and Monitor Stakeholder Engagement: Tools & Techniques
 Outputs
 Identify Stakeholders Overview
 Identify Stakeholders: Inputs
 Identify Stakeholders: Tools and Techniques
 Output: Stakeholder Register
 Data analysis
 Data representation.
 Decision making.
 Communication Skill.
 Interpersonal and team skills,
 Work performance data.
 Organizational process.
 Plan Stakeholder Engagement Overview
 Plan Stakeholder Engagement Inputs
 Plan Stakeholder Engagement Tools and Techniques
 Output: Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Intec and advantage from the course :

 Describe the importance of stakeholder! 
 Identify stakeholders.
 Develop a stakeholder engagement plan.
 Manage and control stakeholder engagement.
 Create an on-the-job action plan.