Third party due deligence


Eligibility: Any Team leader/Manager/HOD/HR professionals

Duration: 55 Hrs


Course Summary

Third-party management is the process whereby companies monitor and manage interactions with all external parties with which they have a relationship. This may include both contractual and non-contractual parties. How should organizations engage third parties to ensure the protection of personal data? What is the right way of managing your solution providers, vendors, suppliers, and personal information processors? To what extent should you manage them, and how do you conduct proper due diligence to not expose your organization to more risks? Managing third-party personal information processing providers has been a challenge for compliance, audit, and risk management. For data protection and data governance professionals, it is a must to ensure that vendors and personal information processors (PIPs) support the privacy and data protection compliance requirements of both the organization and government regulators. You can delegate the task, but not the accountability when your third-party providers suffer a personal data breach, it impacts your organization and your customers. This course will teach you the frameworks, techniques, and best practices for managing your third-party providers, in the aspect of information security and privacy. Learn how to choose the right vendors and personal information processors, how to conduct due diligence, how to craft policies and contracts which protect your organization, and how to monitor whether your third parties are complying with your terms and requirements.

Course Content:

• Third-Party & Governance
• Third-Party Risk Assessment / Due Diligence
• Policies and Contractual Protections
• Managing and Monitoring Third-Party Performance
• Managing and Monitoring Third-Party Performance / Relationships.
• Case study 1
• Case study 2
• Case study 3
• Case study 4

Intec and advantage from the course :

• Gain a Holistic Business Perspective and Deeper Understanding of Privacy and Data Protection
• Enhanced Privacy and Data Protection Leadership and Personal Data Governance Skills