Motivational skill


Eligibility: Any Team leader/Manager/HOD/HR professionals

Duration: 55 Hrs


Course Summary

The process of motivating and developing employees is of huge importance to any organization. The problem is too few managers ever get proper training to develop the skills required. This seminar goes beyond motivation theory and provides practical, easy to apply employee motivation techniques that will help any manager motivate employees to higher levels of performance. We call it “positive accountability.”  For people to be empowered, they must first accept accountability. Too often, holding employees accountable for their actions is seen as a negative process. In this session, managers learn how to motivate employees to willingly accept accountability for their own performance. This session develops the management communication, coaching and mentoring skills to hold employees accountable in a positive manner, engaging employees to accept responsibility for improved performance, and empowering employees to be more productive. This interactive program takes managers through critical areas that help them motivate staff and create employee development plans that work with any individual. Rather than making assumptions, managers learn how to use improved listening and verbal communication skills to better manage and motivate their employees.

Course Content:

·         What is motivational skill?

·         How it is important to the employee.

·         How motivative employee can create difference

·         Motivational skill Vs performance

·         What obstacles are keeping employees from performing their best?

·         Employees need to preferences.

·         primary purpose of motivational skill

·         Theories on motivation skill

·         Motivational coaching.

·         Leadership skill

·         Leadership Skills Vs Motivational skill

·         Motivational leadership

·         How to deliver motivational skill

·         How align employee with the organization culture.

·         How to align employee with overall goals and vision and mission of the company

·         What really motivates your employees?

·         Segmentation of the employee as per their need.

·         How to draw perceptual map as pe the need of the employee.

·         Making employees feel empowered.

·         How to limit the impacts of change on employee motivation

·         What patterns of motivation in your organization impact performance

·         Aligning employee goals and organizational goals

·         Improving employee involvement

·         Improving employee commitment

·         Action Plan for motivating employee

·         Action plan to build a high-performance team.

·         Workshop 1 on motivational skill

·         Workshop 2 on motivational skill

·         Case study 1

·         Case study 2

·         Case study 3

·         Case study 4

Intec and advantage from the course :

·         Managers learn to apply motivational techniques to improve employee performance.

·         Employees are motivated to their own self-development.

·         Employee development goals are aligned with organizational goals.

·         Employees willingly accept more responsibility.

·         Managers learn skills to hold employees accountable.

·         Managers learn skills to apply performance management techniques using positive approaches.

·         Managers apply practical approaches to develop performance improvement plans with employees.

·         A culture of continuous improvement is developed.