Finance for non-Finance Professional


Eligibility: Non-Finance managers/CPO/CTO/CHRO/CEO/COO/Entrepreneur/Financial market professionals/Any other non-finance student

Duration: 60 Hrs


Course Summary

Finance is the most important function of business but due to lack of clarity non-financial most of the time taking wrong decision about finance function or lost hope for understanding the same and take a proper decision. For the reason now a days it is become very much essential to teach the basic concept of the finance to the non-finance professionals. We have designed this course in such a way that the professional from any field and from any level can understand and in take some knowledge from it. This course is hold good for a fresher also.

Course Content:

·         Basic concept of Revenue and its recognition.

·         Basic concept of cost recognition and cost control.

·         Basic concept of cost optimization and the optimum uses of resource.

·         Profit and Loss.

·         Basic concept of asset and liability.

·         Basic concept of owner’s fund.

·         Balance sheet.

·         Basic concept of inflow and out flow and how it is different form revenue and cost.

·         Cash flow.

·         P&L VS cash flow.

·         What is working capital and the component of working capital.

·         Working capital Management and decision making.

·         Basic concept of AR and AP and how it is related to working capital management.

·         Basic concept of marginal costing and slandered costing.

·         Introduction to different kind of cost definition.

·         Break even point and shut down point,

·         Economy of scale.

·         Basic of budgeting.

·         Introduction to different types of budgeting.

·         Problems of flexible budgeting.

·         AOP VS Budgeting.

·         Budget VS Forecasting VS Target setting.

·         Limitation of budget.

·         Introduction to capital budgeting and different method.

·         Introduction to basic concept of treasury different financial option.

·         Funded and non-funded financial option.

·         Introduction to interest rate.

·         Basic of GST and TDS.

Intec and advantage from the course :

·         Understanding the basic concept of Profit and Loss

·         Understanding the basic concept of Balance sheet and cash flow.

·         Understand the difference between accounting profit and cash profit.

·         Understand the cost control strategies.

·         Understand the cash flow management and importance of AR and AP management.

·         Understand the concept of budgeting and how to use the same to plan the future.

·         Understand the basic of capital budgeting and its process.

·         Learn the basic of treasury management.

·         Understand the basic of Taxation.