Certification in Corporate Finance


Eligibility: Finance market professional and MBA/CA/CFA Ect

Duration: 60 Hrs


Course Summary

Corporate finance is vast subject where it is covering from the basic concept of capital structure to how a crack a structure a deal for merger and acquisition. The best part of this course is it is helpful for a working professional as well as a qualified finance fresher to clime their success ladder in the filed of Investment banking, Equity research, market-based FP&A professionals, HNI bankers, treasury professional and much more.

Course Content:

·         Overview of corporate finance.

·         Different business valuation process.

·         Overview of Capital Investment.

·         Net Present Value.

·         Concept of terminal value and how we can use to business valuation process.

·         Unlocking the drivers of the value.

·         Business/Enterprise valuation Vs Equity Valuation.

·         Internal Rate of return and the use in business valuation.

·         Steps of merger and Acquisition process.

·         Main issues arising for structuring a M&A deal.

·         Capital financing overview.

·         Business life cycle VS funding life cycle.

·         Capital structure.

·         Weighted average cost of capital.

·         Capital Stack.

·         Types and sources and equity.

·         Private equity and venture capital.

·         Use of Debt.

·         Assessing debt capacity.

·         Senior and subordinate debt.

·         Mezzanine debt and its characteristic.

·         Debt repayment profile.

·         Trade of debt and equity.

·         Credit rating and high yield debt.

·         Underwriting and book building.

·          Pricing of debt.

·         Dividend and return of capital.

·         Retain earning.

·         Dividend VS Share buyback VS bonus share.

Finance market professional and MBA/CA/CFA Ect

Intec and advantage from the course :

·         Who are the key players of the market.

·         Regulator of the market.

·         Understand the capital structure and its importance.

·         Weighted average cost of capital.

·         Capital raising process.

·         Business valuation techniques and valuation multiplier.

·         Merger and acquisition.

·         How to structure a deal and finance the same.

·         Funding life cycle.

·         Pricing of equity and debt capital.

·         Finalizing the best capital structure.