Time Management


Eligibility: Any Professional

Duration: 60 Hrs


Course Summary

Time is a very important factor. Always people use to say if we are not taking care of time will take care of us. So, managing time in a proper way and completing task on time is an art. So, we have designed this course to help the individual to manage the time as the best way.

Course Content:

·         How the time control human life.

·         Importance of finishing the job with in time.

·         Setting the deadline.

·         Controlling time VS managing the time.

·         Understand about time waster.

·         Get rid of the time waster.

·         Time management goal.

·         Managing yourself Time management assessment sheet.

·         To do list.

·         Proactive VS procrastination.

·         How to stop subcontracting of your time.

·         Pareto principle and the implementation of the same.

·         The Best and Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Time Management.

·         Learn hour daily habits and try to find out the best possible time waster.

·         Passive brainstorming season to rewrite your brain and daily habits.

·         Cell phone hygiene and productivity theory.

·         Email management skills.

·         Take care of your health to manage time properly.

·         Stop wasting time shopping for buying and maintaining stuff.

·         The ultimate time management toll-Deep work.

·         Productive and creative thinking.

·         Time management habitat to increase productivity.

·         Quality Leisure time in not luxury.

·         Tech steps in creating your Own Selfie Speak programme.

Intec and advantage from the course :

·         Time management skill.

  • Goal Setting
  • How to manage how you spend your time in life
  • Tips on how to NOT let Your Cell Phone eat away at your time and productivity
  • Achieve Better Work/Life Balance
  • Increase Productivity
  • Personal Productivity
  • Management Skills
  • Strategies for applying the Pareto Principle
  • Mindful Stress Management
  • Managing Burnout