Talent Development


Eligibility: Any HR professional and T&D professional

Duration: 40 Hrs


Course Summary

Talent development is equally important function like talent acquisition. After acquiring the best suit talent, it is more important to develop them as per the organization need and retain them for the longer period. We are covering all these strategies in this course.

Course Content:

·         Understand the complete training and development process,

·         Understand the employee retention process.

·         Understand the concept of performance evolution.

·         Objective and uses of performance evolution.

·         The process of performance evolution.

·         Methods of Performance Appraisal.

·         The Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) Method.

·         The 360-degree Feedback Method.

·         Management by objective (MBO).

·         Issues in Performance Evaluation.

·         The Job Evaluation Process.

·         Methods of Job Evaluation.

·         Benefits and Limitations of Job Evaluation.

·         Significance of Employee training.

·         Learning programmes

·         Development strategy.

·         Impact of development – a balanced approach.

·         Training types and theories.

·         Training Process.

·         Scope of Training.

·         Steps in Training.

·         Methods of Training.

·         Evaluation of a Training Programme.

·         Conditions Necessary for an Effective Training Programme.

·         E-learning—An Overview.

·         Formulating and implementing learning and development.

·         Carting and JD Manual from hierarchy structure.

·         Role of KRI and KRA.

·         Conducting MBO based Performance Evaluation.

·         Training Need Identification and IDP through PMS

·         Converting the training evolution to rating of PMS.

·         Capacity Building and Career Mapping using PMS and L&D

·         Retention Why and How.

·         Retention management plan.

·         Workforce planning practice

·         Workforce Analysis.

·         Building Workforce Plans

·         Succession Planning Intro

·         Steps in Succession Planning

·         Business case for Succession Planning and Leadership Development

·         Career management Intro

·         Career stages and strategy for all the different stages.

·         Career management practices and process

·         Talent Assessment

·         Succession planning

·         Executive Onboarding


Intec and advantage from the course :

·         The study will enable HR/T&D professionals to build strategies conducive to the talent management and training & development needs of their organisations.

·         Findings will include compensation benchmarking with reliable data on compensation trends for different roles across organisational archetypes, geographies, and thematic areas of engagement.

·         The study report will facilitate the emergence of a professional, data-informed, and transparent ecosystem of knowledge commons on talent management and development.

·         The study will enable HR and T&D professionals to create a conducive environment to attract, nurture and grow appropriate talent for the company.