Certification in AOP and Budgeting


Eligibility: Any bachelor degree preparable Commerce

Duration: 80 Hrs


Course Summary

AOP and budgeting: - This course will give entire concepts of AOP and budgeting. We focus on all industry budgeting. This course will help financial planning analyst to develop their skills and help mainly the employees of KPO and consulting business.


Exam Process: -   Online Exam will be conducted for Regular and weekend cases and for video classes after the last module completed, we will conduct a question answer seminar session.

Course Content:

1.       What is AOP:

2.       What is budgeting:

3.       Difference between AOP and budgeting:

4.       In depth analysis of different segment of AOP:

5.       In depth analysis of Manpower budgeting:

6.       In depth analysis of revenue budgeting:

7.       In depth analysis of expenses budgeting:

8.       In depth analysis of capital budgeting:

9.       NPV and IRR concept:

10.   Payback period analysis:

11.   Simulation and scenario analysis:

12.   Workshop on preparing budget and AOP:

13.   Advance Excel related to budget:

14.   Variance analysis:

15.   Cases studies based on industry approach.

Intec and advantage from the course :