Certification in Project & Infrastructure Financing



Duration: 50 Hrs


Course Summary

Arranging money for any business or project is the most difficult activity. There are so many risks are associates with the investor or lender out of which two are the most important one is guarantee of periodical return as per the decided rate or percentage and the guarantee of the face value of the investment. In this course we are teaching what is the legal requirement or due diligence for arranging the project and infrastructure finance.

Course Content:


·         Overview of the Capital Budgeting Decision

·         Project financing Proposition – Sponsor’s, Lender’s and other Stakeholders’ Perspective, Project Financing Structures – Full Recourse and Limited Recourse financing Models with case studies

·         Infrastructure Projects – Essential characteristics, PPP projects, Concession framework under various models such BO. BOO. BOT, DBFOT - Government and Developer’s Perspectives.

·         Key Developer’s Perspectives in Bidding and Implementation of Infrastructure Projects.

·         Pre-fund Raising Phase – Project Structuring, Preliminary Clearances, Key Project Contracts, Feasibility, RFQ and pre-bid stage, Detailed Project Report

·         Project Cost Determination and financing Options – fund and non-fund options for financing the project

·         Risk determination, allocation and mitigation in Project Structure, Key Project Contracts and Lenders’ Due Diligence - Key considerations Appraisal criteria applied by Banks and Institutions Risk Analysis and Mitigation in Projects.

·         Financial forecasting, financial viability analysis.

·         Term Sheets in Project financing – Key features, special conditions and Negotiation

·         Additional financing and sectoral issues in industrial and Infrastructure Projects

Intec and advantage from the course :

·         Understanding the basic concept of project finance

·         Capital budgeting and the methodology

·         Understand the concept of project appraisal and project feasibility

·         Understand the project valuation method

·         Understand the concept of project cost and risk associated with the same.

·         Understand financial forecasting technics

·         Document require to apply for project or infrastructure financing,

·         Project term sheet and excel application