Certification in Hedge Fund


Eligibility: BCOM/MCOM/MBA/CA/ICWA/CFA/CMA/CS/Financial market professionals

Duration: 50 Hrs


Course Summary

Hedge funds are financial partnerships that use pooled funds and employ different strategies to earn active returns for their investors. This fund is completely different from traditional funds. This fund is designed to take care of investor needs to maximize the return with having a weighted average risk portfolio. This course is proficiently designed both for the freshers and experience market professionals.

Course Content:

·         What is hedge fund.

·         How it is different from other funds in the market.

·         What is importance of Hedge fund.

·         Different types of hedge fund.

·         Prime service and executive broker.

·         Hedge fund fees.

·         Hurdle rate.

·         High-water mark.

·         Understand the basic concept of financials and ratios.

·         Understand the basic concept of balance sheet financing.

·         Understand the basic concept of bond and fixed income securities.

·         Understand the basic concept of coupon rate and yield to maturity.

·         Net Asset value.

·         Hedge fund management company.

·         Head fund manager and broker.

·         Prime broker and custodian.

·         Top administrator and prime broker.

·         Hedge fund performance analysis and management system.

·         Directional strategies.

·         Arbitrage strategy

·         Event-driven strategy.

·         Legalities of Hedge fund.

·         Due diligence requires for hedge fund.

·         Final decision-making regarding hedge fund.

Intec and advantage from the course :

·         Understanding the basic concept of Head fund.

·         Understanding the different market participants in hedge fund.

·         Transformation from traditional fund to hedge fund.

·         Understand Performance analysis and measurement of hedge fund.

·         Understand the different strategies of hedge fund.

·         Learn how to use these strategies to achieve maximum gain from it.

·         Understand the entire legalities of hedge fund.

·         Maximize the profit in the competitive environment.