Managing Remote Team


Eligibility: Non-Finance managers/CPO/CTO/CHRO/CEO/COO/Entrepreneur/Future Leaders

Duration: 60 Hrs


Course Summary

- “Work from home” and “work from remote” this two become very popular after we finish the pandemic situation. In the era of pandemic, it was very difficult to operate business from a centralised placed as there were lot of restriction in transportation and gathering. In the different stages of pandemic, the offices were permitted to work with 10%, 40% and some time 50% of the work force in the office but a business can not perform and attain success with 50% of its manpower so the they force to move in the dynamics of work form the remote location. After Pandemic over many businesses understood the advantage of work from home form both the side so they are calling only those people in the office who are actually needed and rest of the people working from home. Working from is good for employee as they do not need travel stay back home and do their work this reduces their unproductive time in traveling and office going preparation on the other hand business houses reduce their unnecessary cost like rent, electricy, travelling and conveyance, refreshment expenses, staff welfare expenses etc but the main sufferer in this process are the team leaders or business leaders because the they use to control the team from the office even the offices are in decentralized places, they use to visit periodically so that physical presences with the team was always being maintained. After this transformation happened there are lot of business leader failed to deliver even those are very much successful in the work from office model. We designed this course to help business leaders to attine success in their process by making a successful remote team building with high performance slandered.

Course Content:

·         Organization goal and structure.

·         Learn your own span of control.

·         Understand the hierarchical structure.

·         Direct and indirect span of control.

·         Effective and proactive communication skill.

·         Goal setting of the team.

·         Leadership principles for aligning team members to corporate goals.

·         Communicating clear expectation to the team.

·         Time management and scheduling.

·         Protocol guide for communications before, during, and after online meetings.

·         Tips & tricks for managing remote team members who have kids and other priorities.

·         Practical guide on frequency and scheduling of communications.

·         Understand the organization culture and translate the same to the remote team member.

·         Motivational skill.

·         Process/policy and practices.

·         Set performance monitoring tools.

·         Understand the proper MIS and performance tracker report.

·         How to manage the decentralised team effectively.

·          Understand and define training and development needs and communicate the same to the HR.

·         Reward and recognition structure of the remote team.

·         Improve productivity and profitability through empowerment.

·         Mental health check questions to help isolated team members.

·         Tips for digitalization of processes.

Intec and advantage from the course :

·         Understand the organization culture.

·         Understand how to lead a team of different culture and in different location.

·         Understand the assessment skill require to control a remote team.

·         Understand the training and development requirement for remote worker.

·         Understand the Time management skill.

·         Understand the scheduling skill.

·         Understand the goal setting skill.

·         Understand the effective communication skill.

·         Developing the listing skill.

·         Communicating in different culture.

·         Understand remote coworker’s dilemma.

·         Train the leaders.